Sunday, 14 September 2008

One thing I love about getting back into card making is following everyone's blogs. In fact, I probably spend more time blog reading than I do creating! Another new thing to me is blog candie. And if you pop over to the talented Bunny-Zoe's website you'll see that she is giving away some yummy candy to celebrate reaching 20,000 hits!

The competition is open until Wednesday 17th Sept, so make sure you pay her blog a visit.

We've just come back from spending a rather lovely, and surprisingly sunny, day at Shuttleworth Old Warden Park where they were holding a steam rally. Mind you , the enjoyment was rather dampened by the fact that it cost £24 to get in which left us battling to find lunch for four people for £6! There were lots of glorious steam tractors, engines, vintage cars and motorbikes which kept the boys amused. There was also an old fashioned fair which would have been lovely if we had the money to enjoy it.

My second day of working in the corner shop starts in just under two hours and already I'm mourning the loss of creating time and also wondering how well my poor legs are going to cope with standing up for 6 hours! This going back to work has been a bit of a shock to the system!

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